Windmill generator supporting structure on the Engineering Division shop floor
Windmill generator supporting structure on the Engineering Division shop floor

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Manufacturing Infrastructure

The heavy fabrication industries in Pune are playing a key role in the heavy engineering sector. These Industries fullfil various other industry needs such as infrasrcture, machineries, mining and construction equipments and power plants. Pune is considered as the hub for auto and heavy engineering industries, with huge manufacturing capacities and capabilities. Premier Ltd. is one of the leading heavy engineering industries with in-house facility of heavy engineering design required for building heavy machines and tools required for manufacturing heavy engineering components and equipments. Premier's Engineering Division provides a one-stop solution for various heavy engineering components/equipments, fabrication requirements, machining requirements for wind turbine parts, duly ready to use components for the manufacturing of turbines of various capacities. An excellent set-up for fabrication, machining, metallising and painting operations is all encapsulated at Premier.

  • 20,00,000 sq. ft of shed area, shed hgt - 8 to 10 mtr, pit depth - 3 mtr
  • Overhead cranes: 15 ton x 3, 25 ton x 2
  • Design facility with Solid Edge and Ideas software
Building and Material Handling
185,806 sq.m of shed Area, Shed hgt - 8 to10 mtr, Pit depth - 3 mtr
Overhead cranes : 3 x15 MT, 2 x 25 MT
Design facility with Solid Edge & Ideas Software
Qty Make Specifications
15 HiTECH, Electromech EOT Crane 5 MT, 10 MT, 15 MT, 25 MT
4 Neat wind Automated Material Handling Trolly 15 MT
Manufacturing Capacity - Heavy Fabrication Facility
Qty Make Specifications
2 Plate Bending Machines 40mm Thickness X 2500 mm width
3 Esab, Messers CNC Oxyfuel/Plasma Cutting Machines 4000 x 18000
12 Column Boom, Rotators and Welding Positioners 15 - 30 MT
110 Lincoln, Lorch, Miller Welding Machines MIG, GTAW, SAW 400 Amp to 1200 Amp
1 DAVI Spain Plate bending Machine 135mm thk x 3000 mm
2 Special purpose Welding rotator Rail/ Metro bogie frame 5 MT
Machining facility
Qty Make Specifications
4 Premier CNC Vertical Turning Machine up to Dia 6000 swing
2 SFM & WMW CNC Horizontal Lathe Dia 1100 x 4000 length
2 BFW CNC Horizontal Machining Centre 2200 x 1600 x 2000
3 Juaristi, Doosan CNC Horizontal Boring Machine up to 6000 x 3700 x 2000
1 Ingersoll CNC Planomiller 2000 x 1500 x 7000
Shot Blasting & Painting Facility
Qty Make Specifications
5 Mechshot Shot Blasting Booth 15000 x 8000 x 6000
5 Epcoh Paint Booth 15000 x 8000 x 6000
Inspection Facility
Qty Make Specifications
1 CORDIII / Accurate CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine 4000 x 3000 x 2000
1 Trimos 1500 hgt

CMM room specification:

  • L x W x H = 15 x 7 x 7mtr with automatic door opening 3.5mtr wide
  • Equipped with high precision air condition system. Temperature Maintained at 20 ± 1 deg.cel.
  • Indoor 5 ton double girder crane with radio remote
    Testing procedures
  • Non Destructive Testing
    - Ultra sonic Testing
    - Radiograph testing
    - MPT (Magnetic Particle Testing)
    - Die Penetration Test
  • Pull Test at 25 Ton
  • Leakage Test at 2 kg
  • For paint test - Pull of adhesion, cross hatch cutter test, profile test for shot blasting
    Various Types of NDT Testing Facility eg: UT, MPT
  • Deflsco, Elcometer and all types of Grit Blasting & Painting Inspection Instruments