Sandvik Mining Equipment
Crusher Frame CJ411

General Engineering Mining

Premier Ltd. also offers manufactures a varied range of equipment as per the customer’s requirements. Some of the products include:

  • Rock drilling equipments
  • Rock excavation equipments
  • Crushers
  • Bulk-materials process handling for various mining and construction equipments.

There is a rapid growth of mining equipments in the Indian economy over the years and this industry has expanded at a fast pace making our country a significant producer of mining equipment and highly sophisticated machineries.

The main reason for this is the mineral rich soil that India inherits. The mining and construction industries require a wide range of machine products to perform a variety of activities such as ground preperation, excavation, material handling, dumping and laying. The mining equipment companies in India provide end-to-end services in terms of design and execution.

The government's initiative to develop this sector has widened the horizons for more Indian companies to venture in this sector. Premier has extended its manufacturing facilities for successfully developing the equipment components. Presently the Company supplies crusher frames required for Sandvik mining equipment division on a regular basis. Premier's Engineering Division is developing critical components and import substitutes of mining equipments required for Sandvik involving heay fabrication, machining and painting operations.