Runout checking on Vertical Turret Lathe machine, Ultrasonic testing
Runout checking on Vertical Turret Lathe machine, Ultrasonic testing

Infrastructure Our Specialities

What Sets Us Apart
  • We only manufacture critical components which make us extremely important suppliers to large-scale heavy engineering producers.
  • We have the rare advantage of fabrication, machining and blasting painting under one roof.
  • Our team can work with all types of standards, such as ASME, AWS, DIN EN, ISO and IS.
  • A leader in the wind turbine, metro rail and power sectors, our wind turbine components are bestsellers and our share of renewable energy sector continues to rise.
  • Over 30 R&D personnel at the technology centre in Pune oversee our R&D capabilities and strive for continuous R&D investment.
  • 3 CNC Profile gas cutting machines with plasma cutting
  • Nesting software is used to minimize raw material wastage
  • 3 DAVI (Italy) Full CNC Plate Rolling Machines (3000mm width x 135 mm thick)
  • Welding - 100 Qualified Welders in various process 20 Nos Welding Process Engineers
  • Heavy thickness plate welding (Qualified upto 125 mm thick plate welding) Welding positions - 1G, 2G, 3G & 1F
  • Specialized
    a) MMAW - Manual Metal Arc Welding
    b) FCAW - Flux Cored Arc Welding
    c) GTAW - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
    d) MAG - Metal Active Gas Welding
    e) SAW - Submerged Arc Welding
  • More than 100 welding machines with modern technologies & features - of various reputed make like Miller, Kempi, Lorch, Lincoln, ADOR
  • Precision welding positioners, fixtures own developed for higher productivity
  • Maps, Process flow Diagram, displayed work instruction for process control
  • Edge preparation, Pre heating, Controlled welding parameters- Current, Voltage, Gas flow, Speed etc.
  • Testing
    1. Ultrasonic testing (UT)
    2. Magnetic Particle testing (MP)
    3. Dye penetrant testing (DP)
    4. Radiographic testing (RT)
  • Trained & qualified LEVEL II Technicians for NDT
  • 4 Vertical Turning Lathe machines (6000mtr Dia x 2500mm Height)
  • 5 CNC Horizontal Boring Machines (Upto 6000mm x 3700mm x 2000mm) CNC Indexing head
  • Boring - ID up to 1200mm, OD upto 1600mm
  • Accuracy - Tolerance
    CTR : +/- 10 microns/mtr
    Full length : +/- 30 microns
    Ovality : 20 microns
    Surface Roughness : Ra 0.8
  • 2 CNC Turning Lathes
    a) Capacity - Dia 1200mm x 3500mm length
    b) Accuracy run out of 10 microns
    c) OD dia turning tolerance P7 accuracy
  • In-house design, development & manufacturing of special purpose machines for higher productivity
  • Cutting Tools - Latest cutting tools CBN Inserts, Carbide drills used
  • Developed - Special long length Anti vibration boring bar for vibrations free cutting , achieved dia 130 x 500 mm L With all parameter s 30 micron accuracy
  • In house facility for design & manufacturing of jigs and fixtures
  • U' Drill - through coolant attached Dia 60
  • Critical threading operation of 6H tolerance
Blasting, Painting
  • International standard blasting & painting facilities providing one stop solutions for all kind of painting activity
  • 6 Modern Blasting painting booths (largest size 15Mtr x 6 Mtr)
  • Automatic media recovery system for metallic shot
  • BRY AIR Painting – dehumidifier
  • WAGNER (Germany) Semi Auto Airless painting
  • C3 & C5 level of corrosion protection
  • Sa 2.5 Level shot blasting
  • 3 - Coat painting (Primer - Intermediate –Top Coat) Metalizing & epoxy paint scheme of international standard painting norms Make - AKZONOBEL, JOTUN, HEMPEL
  • All machined area covered with rust preventive