Axle Pin Part S.G. Iron Casting for Windmill Turbine
Regen Hub and Main Frame
Wind Turbine Steel Parts: Welding of Disc Rotor on Welding Positioner, Disc Rotor, Stator Carrier

Windmill Component Engineering

The Wind turbine parts have a tremendeous scope in both, the Indian as well as the international markets in terms of supplying steel forging and casting parts required for turbine manufacturer across the globe. Premier Ltd's Engineering Division supplies major critical items such as:

Structural Parts : Stator Ring, Stator Carrier, Disc Rotor, Generator, Supporting structure, Brake disc, etc.

Casting Parts : Rotor hub, Main Carrier, Axle Pin, Blade adaptor, Hub and Main frames required for various capacities ranging from 250KW to 2.6MW capacity turbine.

Today, Premier Ltd. is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of wind turbine parts in India to the reputed customers such as Wind World India Ltd. and Regen Powertech. Also the Company is involved in supplying both, steel parts as well as forging parts for export businesses to European markets. We successfully supply steel and forging parts such as Stator base frame, Rotor frame, Generator front plate, Main bearing press ring, Stator front flange and Yaw disc with a strict vigilance to quality and comittment to reputed turbine designers and manufacturers, who have grown to be satisfied and loyal customers. Premier Ltd. is expecting a long-term continual business relation with M/s Lagerwey. The Company has improved its state-of-the-art in-house facilities, provides one-stop solutions for wind turbine components and is emerging as a reputed wind turbine component supplier in India as well as a wind turbine parts exporter for the international market.

What we do:
  • Structural steel components

    Includes critical components like Rotor & Stator parts required as a base for wind turbine generators.

  • Wind turbine casting part machining

    Includes SG Iron casting parts like the Hub, Main Carrier, Bearing Housing, Axle Pin & Blade Adaptor. Our repertoire of experience in machining various components gives us a competitive edge in achieving quality and productivity.

  • Manufacturing wind turbine towers

    The single largest component value-wise. Global Wind Energy Council & Indian Wind Mill Manufacturers Association project a high growth trajectory for wind turbine towers, signifying huge business scope for us.