Axle Pin Part S.G. Iron Casting for Windmill Turbine
Axle Pin Part S.G. Iron Casting for Windmill Turbine

Wind Energy Wind Turbine S.G. Iron Casting Parts

Premier Ltd. also manufactures a large range of S.G. Iron components for Windmills. Some of the areas in which we specialise are:

  • Machining Hub
  • Axle Pins
  • Blade Adaptors
  • Main Carriers

We also manufacture other heavy parts for windmills where the process involved includes precision machining, Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) inspection, shot blasting and painting.

The product range includes component for windmill generator of the following capacities

  • 800KW, 1.5MW, 2.6MW
  • Size range : 2.5 mtr x 2.5mtr

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“Premier is a one-stop-shop for SG Iron casting parts required by leading wind turbine manufacturers. We have the skill and technology required for high accuracy of machining, drilling and painting S G Iron Casting,” says Mr. K. G. Rathi, President, Premier Ltd.

Sole suppliers of SG Iron casting parts in Pune with a capacity to produce upto 25 tons. Catering to high volume, mass solutions and customised solutions.

10-year experience in producing products such as Hubs, Base Frame, Bearing Housings to 3MW wind turbines for the wind energy industry. We have an expertise in producing prototypes using 3D form machining.

Ability to provide turnkey solutions, from consultation to SG Iron part implementation, for domestic and international markets.

Compliance with specifications and contracts is the most important factor of Premier’s competitiveness.

Quality check techniques for S G Iron casting products:
3D CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine

Separate measuring instruments/equipment (calliper, micrometer, surface tester)

Use of laser tracker

Customers’ third party inspection at each stage

Certified as per the ISO 9001:2008 standards

Majority of wind turbine parts in the world are made out of the challenging SG Iron material. Premier recognised the potential and entered this segment. It offers weight reduction and can meet the mechanical requirements of many windmill parts without heat treatment, thus reducing cost by 40% and production time by 10%.
The Axle Pin (Main Axle), manufactured by Premier is an SG Iron casting part on which bearings are mounted to enable rotary hub functioning.

How and where some of our SG Iron parts are used...

Wind turbines can mainly function using either one of the two mechanisms, i.e. one with a gear box and the other without a gear box, known as a direct drive mechanism, which has been praised for its less complex and low maintainence design. Both these mechanisms employ the use of SG Iron parts produced by Premier, resulting in enhanced efficiency.

The blades are attached to the Rotor Hub, which with the help of an Axle Pin, acts like a pivot for the rotor hub to rotate along with the blades. The turning blades spin the axle pin 30 to 40 times per minute.

Rotor hubs (wgt: 1.9 ton)

The Axle Pin (Main Axle), manufactured by Premier is an SG Iron casting part on which bearings are mounted to enable rotary hub functioning.

Axle pins (wgt: 1.4 ton)

The Main Carrier is a single cast frame made of SG Iron Casting parts that permits stable mechanical behaviour and performance. It houses the axle pin, the gear box, the rotor hub and the blade adapter and is the most precision load carrying member of the turbine.

Main carriers (wgt: 1.9 ton)

Some wind turbines also have Blade Adaptors, which fastened with the Rotary hub, regulate the wind turbine speed with the aid of a motor. It helps to quickly adjust the blade as per the direction and speed of the wind.

Blade adaptors (wgt: 0.75 ton)

The Rotor Hub is then further connected to the Stator Carrier and the Disc Rotor which are parts fabricated by us. These parts are fitted together with the help of high capacity magnets that are inside the frame of the Stator Carrier and outside the frame of the Disc Rotor respectively. On rotation of the rotor hub through the Axle Pin, the Stator Carrier and Disc Rotor also rotate cutting the magnetic field thus creating electrical energy. The rapidly spinning shaft drives the generator to produce electric energy. The blades turn a shaft inside the nacelle which drives the generator.

Hub (wgt: 6 ton)

Bearing Housing is required for gear box type windmills to hold the Main Shaft in the right position by supporing them from the front & rear. The Main Bearing is fitted in to the Bearing housing. Bearing housings are calculated with the most modern methods to ensure the best possible application of force and torque.

Main frame (wgt: 8 ton)

Premier and Wind World India

  • Over 2000 SG Iron hubs manufactured for 800 KW wind turbines
  • Over 2000 SG Iron axle pins (Main Axle) manufactured for 800 KW wind turbines
  • 1000 S G Iron main carriers for 800 KW wind turbines
  • 7000 SG Iron blade adaptors for 800 KW wind turbines
Premier is a name to reckon with, both in India and globally, for its processing of premium quality SG Iron Casting. Customisation, precision, timely delivery and a varied product range contribute to its recognition,
Mr. Sandeep Pandharkar,
General Manager, Wind World India Ltd.

Premier and Gamesa

  • 220 sets of front and rear bearing housings.
  • Premier is the first company in India to manufacture SG Iron castings for the G114 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW.

Premier and ReGen Powertech

  • Over 300 hubs for 1.5 MW wind turbines
  • Over 300 base frames for 1.5 MW wind turbines
FAST FACT 932 Houses can be powered by the electricity produced by ReGen Powertech using these hubs and base frames

Future Developments

  • Premier will soon begin manufacturing SG Iron castings for 2, 2.5 and 3MW wind turbines.
  • Premier will also manufacture Special Purpose Machines which are used specifically for SG Iron castings.